Extending a home will always result in a significant design choice, do we continue with its original character or do we design a contrasting extension?

Heritage features of a house can be recreated seamlessly which is attractive due to its non confrontational nature and is consistent with the original appeal of the house. However this recreation of heritage detail can be expensive and limit your options. For example if the orientation of the house limits the light/access or the existing ceiling height does work. A contrasting extension poses endless limitations to mould to your lifestyle needs. This can include a second story,  using modern complimentary materials and will fulfil all lifestyle needs. 

We pride ourselves in the way we carry out the concept phase by working with clients to understand how the potential of their house can be explored in both these ways to fulfil your growing needs. 

Extensions can take many forms and we are committed to working with our clients to develop the best one for them. 

Single story and side extensions are a logical choice for most as they don’t attract as much cost and create flow easily however you may not have the footprint to develop your design. 

Upper story extensions can uncover under-utilised views and can work on a smaller block however attract a higher cost that other alternatives. 

Elevated extensions create an area that can be developed below which could take the form of a carport, garage, entertaining area or storage. These are popular in coastal areas. 

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