A home can really transform with a few simple changes. Where is the light? Where do you want to be in the house and how do you want to feel in the space?
We enjoy working with clients to understand what potential they saw in the home when purchasing and deliver a renovation that exceeds their expectations and lifesyle needs so that every time they return home they have a sense of achievement and satisfaction. 

We create a seamless transition from the original home to the renovated sections by creating natural flow and carrying style and detail throughout. 

It can be as simple as replacing single glazed windows and a standard door with a double glazed bifold or French door to open up a space to make a connection with the outdoors. Removing or altering walls along with a colour change can create flow throughout the house. Being inspired and motivated about the areas you most identify for example the kitchen, lounge and bathroom and working within the stylistic boundaries your home possesses will result in an efficient renovation. We believe in working smarter not harder when it comes to the changes required to a home to achieve the desirable outcome.

Our experience combined with a detailed inspection will facilitate the presentation of design ideas that require minimal structural changes to the existing.  There are many ways to open up a home and achieve your desired layout while working within the existing structural limitations of your home which will limit cost.

Contact Michael to start a project. 0488 194 459

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